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Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal Transformers
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Butler Winding designs and manufactures toroidal transformers for a variety of power supply and conversion applications.  A toroidal transformer is a transformer that is designed on a doughnut shaped core. Toroidal transformers offer small size, less leakage inductance and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Where are Toroidal Transformers found? 

  • Computer power supplies
  • Radio transmitters
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) sensitive circuits
  • Any application requiring a transfer or conversion of electrical energy

Design upper limits of a toroidal transformer:

It is typical for the power rating (expressed in VA), number of primary and secondary windings and their respective voltage and current levels of a toroidal transformer to be specified as a minimum requirement.

  • The operating frequency should be given to allow proper core calculations and sizing.
  • Proper wire sizing is accomplished by specifying the voltage and current levels across and passing through the toroidal transformer windings.

Toroidal TransformersToroidal transformer designs vary widely in terms of power rating, inductance, voltage level (low to high), operating frequency, size, impedance, bandwidth (frequency response), packaging, winding capacitance, and other parameters.  Silicon steel and nickel iron are available as tape wound cores or laminated pieces

Shows potted toroidal transformer in custom casing. Transformer is labeled according to customer's internal numbering system. Image shows custom pin configuration - pin spacings are to the customer's specifications Image shows custom pin configuration - through hole mounting device

This potted toroidal transformer shows 6 silver wires on casing edge that will eventually be soldered to a surface mount pad on a printed circuit board. Transformer winding is wound to customer's detailed specs to properly operate in the customer's circuit requirement. Transformer was manufactured and used for a medical application. Transformer label shows customer's part number as well as Butler Winding's part number.





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