Custom Winding

Capabilities & Services

Butler Winding manufactures coils, transformers, and inductors. We build transformers and inductors to customer drawings and/or to customer specifications; or orders requiring specialized handling, material and/or equipment.

Custom Built
Butler Winding will manufacture electrical transformers and inductors to your specs & design
Custom Materials – We have the capability to wind transformers and inductors using copper foil, magnet wire, or LITZ wire.

Custom Designed
We will design transformers and inductors to fit your application – working with your initial design or creating one ourselves.

Custom Prototyping
Our transformer and inductor prototypes allow you to test the new part in your circuit to qualify the design.

Assisting in Product Development
We work side-by-side with manufacturers and contact manufacturers to design and create new products. Butler Winding is known for it’s problem solving capabilities.

Personalized Customer Service
With all our custom work, providing you with the a product that meets your application need is our number one priority.

Total Quality Control
We test every part we create to ensure quality.

The coils, transformers, and inductors our customers ask us to build are not readily available as “off the shelf” parts.