Prototyping – Custom Made

Butler Winding will make prototypes for customers if requested. A prototype sample is recommended for parts new to Butler Winding.

  • Sample parts are created for new designs
  • Our goal is to provide prototypes as quickly as possible
  • We often send out 1 -3 prototypes for your evaluation
  • Prototypes are used by our customers to check measurements, fit, proper functioning, & aid further design development of their circuit board layout.

Small inexpensive prototypes might be supplied to the customer at no charge as a courtesy to the customer. There will be a charge for larger more expensive prototypes.

Typically, our engineer will produce a parts list, a coil sheet, and perhaps an assembly drawing. These will be submitted to production (manufacturing) for quoting (if applicable) and/or production. If the necessary materials are on hand production will insert the prototype work into its schedule after receipt of the purchase order (if applicable). If materials are not on hand, then material will be procured. Butler Winding tries to produce prototypes within two weeks.

If you need assistance with your design, please contact Butler Winding and ask for Engineering.