Transformer and Inductor Manufacturing Processes

Bulter Winding manufacturers high quality, custom electronic inductors and transformers for companies across the world. We also provide services on transformers that are manufactured outside of Butler Winding.

We manufacture inductors and transformers:

  • to your company’s specifications
  • using our detailed design process
  • including prototypes, customer service & quality control

Our custom transformers & inductors include:

Winding Materials:

  • Magnet wire – most commonly used material
  • Copper foil – usually used in applications with high current
  • LITZ wire – typically used in applications with very high frequency


  • Varnish – most commonly used coating
  • Epoxy – used in applications with a harsh environment


  • Epoxy – used in all potted parts

Transformer Core Types:

  • Designs include core geometries & core materials.

Manufacturing equipment available for use includes:

  • Tanac AX3 automated (programmable) winding machine.
  • Tanac AX10 automated (programmable) winding machine.
  • Bobifil ER-900 MP winding machine (can handle single digit wire
  • Seven hand winders.
  • Two directional motors with a turns counter, speed controlled with
    a foot pedal.
  • Anacoil Meteor M10 coil winder.
  • Bachi Model 115 E/C SCR coil winder
  • Jovil Model 200 and Jovil Universal SMC-1 toroid winder.
  • Jovil model 200 toroid winder equipped with a taping header.
  • Gorman Productor B and model 920A toroid winders.
  • Universal model 63 and model 6LS toroid winders. Various size shuttles for each of the toroid winders.
  • Two toroid hook winders.
  • Carpenter Manufacturing Co. Model 88E mechanical wire stripper.
  • Several handheld mechanical wire strippers, rotating knife edge type.
  • Banding Machine, compressed air type, for banding €œC€ cores.
  • Brady Model 3481 label maker
  • Two Voltech Instruments AT3600 automated (programmable) transformer testers
  • Two Baking Ovens.
  • Vacuum Chamber and a Vacuum Oven Chamber.
  • Varnish tanks
  • Small machine shop  drill press, band saw, sander, and grinder.
  • Tenney Temperature Chamber
  • EFD Model 1500 XL precision dispensing machine.
  • Air compressor.

After receiving a customer order Butler Winding will purchases the cores, bobbins, winding tubes, terminals, magnet wire, lead wire, and/or insulation needed to build the customer€™s parts. Then Butler Winding winds the coils; terminates the coil windings to pins, pads, terminals, or lead wires as required (including soldering and/or crimping); assembles (or stacks) the core(s) into the coils; tests the parts; bakes the parts if required; varnishes or encapsulates the parts; labels the parts; and then ships the parts. Yes, Butler Winding also sends a bill for the parts to the customer.

If you need assistance with your design, please contact Butler Winding and ask for Engineering.