Transformer and Inductor Design Services

When drafting new transformers, Butler Winding has engineers on staff who are experts at custom transformer and inductor design. Our experts also provide input when we provide specialty services to our customers.

Our engineering design department:

  • works to understand the client’s needs – type of transformer, circuit requirements, finishing requirements…
  • uses client specifications and input forms
  • creates a rough design for the specific transformer including size, capacity, & hardware needs
  • contacts the client to discuss rough design – determining if there is a need for revision
  • determines & plans specific parts and specifications – defines all technical parts of transformer and process
  • communication with client is continuous when needed

If customer personnel need technical advice, they can telephone Butler Winding and ask to speak to engineering. As of present date, simple design work is usually done (not always) at no charge as a courtesy to our customers. A more extensive effort may warrant and incur a charge to the customer for the service. Schedules permitting, our engineering may be available for an hourly or daily fee contracted through Butler Winding.

If you need assistance with your design, please contact Butler Winding and ask for Engineering.