Ferrite Core Torodial Transformers

Butler Winding can design and manufacturer high performance ferrite core toroidal transformers for electronics. A 360 degree wound ferrite core toroid (and toroids in general) has a high degree of symmetry. Its geometry leads to near complete magnetic field cancellation outside of its coil; hence, the toroidal transformer has less leakage inductance and less E.M.I. when compared against other coils of equal power rating.

  • Operating Frequency: above 1 megahertz at low gauss levels
  • Sizes: 1/10 to 5 1/2 inches O.D.
  • Weight: Fraction of an ounce to 1.763 pounds

Note: Specialty ferrite core toroidal transformers are available with several voltage ratings and can be purchased with or without an insulating coating.

Use of a ferrite core toroidal transformer combines the performance features of the toroidal shape and the low loss feature of the ferrite core material. In high frequency applications a ferrite core toroidal transformer can offer smaller size (by volume & weight) and lower losses. Core materials have been developed for power applications and filtering applications. Some have a temperature coefficient designed to offset capacitor temperature drift for tuned filter applications. Core material initial relative permeability can range from 750 to 15000. Materials for the highest frequencies usually have lower permeability.

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