Glossary of Terms Current Transformer

Burden Resistance:

Resistance value connected across output terminals to produce required monitoring voltage for AC voltage measuring system.

Current Transformer Core Type:

The core type for a current transformer is usually one of two types, either solid or split. Solid cores are one piece of the desired shape. Split cores are two pieces of the desired shape.

Current Transformer Output Type:

The current transformer output type is usually one of two types, either a current or voltage output.

Current Transformer Solid Core Type:

Solid core types are usually round or Toroidal in their shape.

Current Transformer Split Core Type:

Split core types are usually rectangular in shape but may be Toroidal also.

Current Transformer Toroid Core Type:

A toroidal core shape is a core that is usually round and doughnut shaped.

Current Output Type Current Transformer:

Output is a current monitored by an ammeter.


Maximum isolation voltage from winding to winding(s) or winding to core / ground.

Hipot Duration:

Length of time in seconds to test device at the hipot voltage.

Max Primary Current:

Maximum current flowing through the conductor to be monitored.

Operating Frequency:

Frequency at which transformer will operate.

Required finished dimensions:

The dimensions of the space allotted for the current transformer.

Secondary Current:

Desired output AC current that represents max primary current (AC Ammeter measuring system).

Secondary Voltage:

Required output AC voltage to represent max primary current (AC voltage measuring system).

Turns Ratio: (eg, Ip:Is):

Ratio of current monitored to current needed for sensing circuit.

VA Rating:

Max output (voltage x current) without core saturation.

Voltage Output Type Current Transformer:

Output is a voltage monitored by a voltage meter.