Surface Mount Inductors

Butler Winding designs and manufactures Surface Mount Inductors for a variety of power supply and conversion applications.

A Surface Mount Inductor is an inductor that is designed either on a toroidal or bobbin core. For the toroidal core, the wound coil is attached to a surface mount header. A surface mount bobbin is used for the the bobbin type core structure. Surface Mount Inductors offer small size, and if designed on a toroidal core less leakage inductance and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Where are Surface Mount Inductors found?

  • Switch mode power supplies.
  • Filter applications.
  • Electromagnetic Interference¬†(EMI) sensitive circuits.
  • Any circuit board utilizing surface mount technology.

Design upper limits of a Surface Mount Inductors:

  • Typical minimum requirements to be specified for a Surface Mount Inductor are:
    • No load inductance in uH.
    • Full load inductance in uH.
    • DC Current in Amperes.
    • AC Current in Amperes peak to peak.
    • Operating frequency is needed for core calculations and wire sizing.
  • Core material is selected for the known operating frequency or frequencies.
  • Other Surface Mount Inductor design considerations are space limitations of the bobbin or toroid mounting technique.
  • Size limitations are limited by available surface mount bobbins and headers.

Surface Mount Inductor designs vary widely in terms of power rating, inductance, voltage level, operating frequency, size, impedance, bandwidth (frequency response), packaging, winding capacitance, and other parameters.

If you need assistance with your design, please contact Butler Winding and ask for Engineering.