Transformer Core Types Used by Butler Winding

Butler Winding uses magnetic cores in its production of transformers and inductors, but does not manufacture any cores other than stacking laminations to form core stacks. Below are example of magnetic cores commonly used by Butler Winding. Once we understand your specific application, our engineers determine the best core structure and material to meet your transformer needs.

Core Geometries or Structures Core Materials
Toroid Ring Core Powdered Iron Cores
Bar Core – Slab Core – Rod Core Ferrous Alloy(s) Powdered Cores
C – Cores Molybdenum Permalloy Powdered
E – Cores Nickel Iron Powdered Cores
EP – Cores Ferrites (Ceramic Structures)
F – Lamination Cores Manganese Zinc Ferrites
Pot Cores – Round/RS/DS & RM Nickel Zinc Ferrites
Planar Cores Manganese Ferrites
PQ Cores Non-Magnetic Cores
U & UI Cores Cobalt Alloys – laminations or tape wound. Because of its expense cobalt is used only in size and/or weight critical applications. It finds frequent use in the aviation industry.
Magnetically "Soft" Cores – Silicon Steel
Nickel Iron
“EFD” / “EEM” / and “ER” ferrite cores are low profile (low height) designs