Military & Aerospace

The U.S. Military & Aerospace Programs require high quality and custom designed electronics that meet their specific needs. Butler Winding specializes in precision work on custom electronic transformers and inductors for military and aerospace use. We design, prototype, test, and build transformers and inductors to meet your military needs.

Butler Winding has experience in reverse engineering obsolete or discontinued military grade transformers and inductors even when little or no documentation exists. Prior military work includes customers like the Naval Air Systems Command, Tobyhanna Army Depot, and the Navy Undersea Warfare Center. We have also designed and built custom wound components for various government labs like Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, The Pennsylvania State University, and Sandia National Laboratories.

Butler Winding has been working with the US Army and Navy to design custom transformers for almost 10 years.

Butler Winding will provide our Certificate of Compliance when our work is complete and approved by the military for manufacturing. We build to your specifications and drawings.

Military engineers provide requirements such as material, size, power levels, weight, packaging, mounting, & envirnoment – temperature – to Butler Winding. Our engineers will design, prototype, test, and manufacture the electronic transformers needed for military purposes.

Our U.S. military is authorized to defend our country by combating actual and perceived threats. To keep the United States secure, precision electronics including transformers and inductors are required. Butler Winding is known for the highest quality of design and manufacturing available today.

If you need assistance with your design, please contact Butler Winding and ask for Engineering.